Founded in Northeast Mississippi in 1973, Chief Purification Incorporated set out to
create a water filter product that would be different than the rest. The goal was to create a water filter
that worked better than the rest and also would eliminate the burden to the customer with the high
cost of replacing cartridges to maintain the filter. Through the years, Chief has
evolved in creating more types of filters used for different applications to better suit
our customers and their needs.

Spreading only by word of mouth, Chief decided in 2005 to begin branching out and
displaying our multiple filter types in local Mississippi Home / Garden shows and Home Building Expos.
Since then, we have expanded to multiple Home Shows reaching throughout 5 states and
continue to grow at an outstanding pace. Also in the last 7 years we have added as
many as 12 new dealers and continue to add more.

We are a proud member of the Make Mine Mississippi organization recognizing
the small business community in the State of Mississippi. Futhermore, we are especially
proud to be a 100% U.S. based company. All of our filters are hand made
using products that are manufactured here in the U.S.
We believe strongly in these ideals and hold them dear to our heart.

Ultimately, we at Chief Purification Inc. strive each and every day to meet and surpass
our customers needs and be the best at what we do, providing each and every customer
the level of service and respect they deserve.